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        James Roman for Register of Wills

James Roman's career has led him to great academic, personal and professional achievements, including being elected Washington County Register of Wills.  It is important we elect qualified candidates in Washington County. James Roman has a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies, as well as an MBA, and is working on Ph.D. in Organizational Development.  Besides James Roman’s stellar academic achievements, James Roman has 7-years of legal experience working for some of the largest law firms in Pittsburgh..  James Roman’s achievements/improvements during his first four years are too numerous to mention all of them, so here are a few: Perfect 4-year audit by PA Auditor General Office, which includes being under budget each and every year; the Register of Wills is the only ROW office that has expanded our hours and opens at 8:30am; we have added Zoom/Video Conferencing services and expanding discounts for veterans When re-elected as Washington County Register of Wills, James Roman will increase software capabilities to allow for research from home/office, continue to increase customer service, lower filing fees and continue to work with the other ROW offices to ensure the greatest experience when visiting each of our offices. 

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