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Leadership Team 2021-2022

WCRP Officers 

Sean Logue - Chairman                           

Jeffrey S. Elias - Vice Chair                      

Steve Renz - Second Vice Chair            

Tina Whited - Secretary                           

April Betzner- Treasurer                           

County and Municipal Elections 

Description, This Team identifies races through out the County, helping recruit candidates, and providing guidance and resources to these candidates.  

Manager: Matt Uram 

3 Team Members:

Candidate Intake Manager

Manager: Bill Smith

3 Team Members

Petition & Events Team

The Petition Team works directly with candidates in securing the necessary signatures for ballot placement. Setting up petition signing events through out the county and helping manage the petition process for candidates is their function.

 Penny Folino,Director 412-337-0769

12 Team Members

Registration Team

Description: The Registration Team arranges Voter Registration drives through out the county and coordinates Voter Registration efforts at all WCRP events. 

6 Team Members

Voter Outreach Team

Managers: Steve Renz and Julie Renz

16 Team Members

New Movers Team

Description: The New Movers Team welcomes new Republican residents and voters who have moved into Washington County and informs them of the requirement to change their address to ensure they are able to vote in their new county.

Managers: Nicole and Brent Strike

9 Team Members:

County Fair Team

Description, The Washington County Fair is the largest event for the party. Registering Republican voters., highlighting the Republican platform and networking with voters is the priority or this team and their volunteers. This team ensures the fair booth is properly set up and staffed for the fair week.

30 Team Members

Events Set Up & Tear Down Team

4 Team Members

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