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A Moment in History – Did You Catch It?

                                              Dave Ball


The funny thing about living in an historic moment is that most

people don’t realize they are.

This past week for the Supreme Court has to qualify as an historic

moment. The court handed down three specific decisions that

were heroic defenses of constitutional principles and will be

discussed for generations.

The first decision dealt with religious freedom and school choice.

The second decision was a major Second Amendment victory that

clarified “Shall Issue” requirements for concealed carry and

underlined the “shall not be infringed” language of the Second

Amendment. The third decision, of course, is the decision in

defense of unborn children striking down Roe v Wade. It is hard

to imagine three decisions, in three areas of our national life, with

greater impact.

The first decision strikes at the deeply held liberal desire to choke

Christian education by preventing public funding from going to

schools with religious curriculums. In this case, Justice Roberts

wrote for the majority that, “while a state need not subsidize

private education, once a state decides to do so, it cannot

disqualify some private schools solely because they are religious.”

The second decision struck down New York State’s heavy handed

law on the issuance of right-to-carry permits. New York required

its citizens to demonstrate a compelling need for such a permit in

clear violation of the plain language of the Second Amendment,

“the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be

infringed.” Justice Thomas, writing for the majority, noted that,

“The constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defense is

not a second class right, subject to an entirely different body of

rules than other Bill of Rights guarantees.”

The third decision was a huge win for the voiceless of our society,

the yet to be born. Justice Alito, in the majority opinion, said,

”We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled. Roe was

egregiously wrong from the start. Its reasoning was

exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging

consequences….It is time to heed the Constitution and return the

issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.”

These decisions are huge because they strike at three of the core

tenets of liberalism; creating an atheist state beginning with our

children, disarming the proletariat and determining who is worthy

of life.

Liberals have long tried to defund religious education and to drive

anything religious out of schools. By using the false claim of

“separation of church and state” (a non-existent constitutional

claim) to deny funding to any educational institution with a

religious curriculum, they are promoting extreme secularism and

providing an open field for the teaching of their own “religion”

through programs such as CRT. Justice Roberts stuck the knife in

that idea.

There is probably no truer saying than “The Second Amendment

defends the other twenty six.” Liberals would love nothing more

than to disarm the populous. We have seen examples lately of

what might take place should that happen. Justice Thomas

emphatically guaranteed that our citizens will be able to defend

themselves. It is now up to an armed citizenry to protect that


It is unthinkable that anyone has the right to terminate a life

simply for their own convenience and yet according to a recent

study only 12% of abortions involve health issues. It is not a

long step from mid-term to late term abortion and then to after

birth murder. This is not something anyone wants to imagine.

Justice Alito made sure we won’t have to.

Despite the anguished hand wringing of liberals, the Supreme

Court did not outlaw abortion. This Supreme Court clearly

understands that the purpose of the court is to interpret the

Constitution and to determine whether laws comply with the

Constitution; not to make law and public policy as some previous

courts have. The court reversed a terrible decision made 49

years ago and returned the decision making authority regarding

abortion to the states where it rightfully and constitutionally

belongs. In the states, the elected representatives of the people

can decide how they wish to handle abortion.

The justices made a clear and rational decision despite unlawful

protests outside their homes attempting to intimidate them.

Protests that Attorney General Garland, at one time proposed as

a Supreme Court Justice, proved incapable of or unwilling to


Speaker Pelosi, as soon as the decision was announced, spewed

out a disgraceful diatribe of remarks impugning the integrity of

the court. She waxed endlessly about how terrible it was that

they should overturn a precedent that had stood for 50 years,

obviously unaware that the court has overturned its own

precedents more than 230 times including overturning the

decision upholding segregation and the Dred Scott decision

upholding slavery. Is she saying those should not have been


President Biden, not to be outdone, declared that the court, “took

away a fundamental constitutional right.” Just to keep the record

straight, the court determined that there was no right to abortion

in the constitution and never had been.

It was a great week for the constitutional principles upon which

this nation was founded. It was good, once again, to see that we

are still a nation of laws.

God bless this great nation.


The Primary Election is over. Congratulations to all the winning candidates. We have an exciting five months to prepare for the all-important fall General Election. Our candidates are Doug Mastriano for Governor, Carrie DelRosso for Lt Governor, along with our incumbents, Congressman Guy Reschenthaler,State Senator Camera Bartolotta and our State House Representatives Tim O’Neal, Josh Kail, Natalie Mihalek, Jason Ortitay, Bud Cook and newcomer Andrew Kuzma. We will be working hard for each of these candidates to ensure they win in November.

One Primary race remains to be decided, that being who will be our Republican candidate for United States Senate. As I write this letter, Dave McCormick and Mehmet Oz are virtually tied, at 912 votes apart out of 1.3 million votes cast. There are still some disputed mail-in ballots, military and federal ballots and provisional ballots to count. Because the margin will undoubtedly be less than 0.5%, the law requires a mandatory recount, so we are a couple weeks away from knowing a winner in this race.

We have attached two charts for your information. The first is the latest update on election results from the county as well as district and statewide. We present this chart following every election on our social media platforms. The second chart is current information and historic comparison data on voter registration. This allows us to track our registration progress. This data tells a great story about where we were five years ago and where we have come as a county. Projecting the data, we believe that we will achieve a 9000 voter plurality over the Democrats by the fall General Election. We have come from being almost irrelevant to being dominant in a short period of time.

We elected State Committee members as follow: Dave Ball, Tom Uram, Sonia Stopperich Sulc, Laura Hough, Teresa Coppola, Sean Logue and Ross Paullet. Congratulations to the new State Republican Committee members.

WCRP COMMITTEE ELECTION: It will be several weeks before we have any final determination of the precinct committee elections. Those that were on the ballot are known now. The write ins must be hand tallied, winners determined, letters sent to the winners asking if they will accept the position and responses received back. Thanks to all who filed petitions to be on the ballot as well as those who wrote in to be members of our committee. This election saw an unprecedented level of interest.

On June 15th we have scheduled a General Meeting of the Washington County Republican Committee so that our new committee people can meet each other and talk through future goals and planned events. Details will be sent directly to the elected committee men and women. The current schedule is attached. There will also be a Management Committee meeting before June 15th to discuss the agenda and goals. A schedule of events is listed below. More will be added as we move through the spring and summer.

Our job now is to win in November. We expect to see various polls over the next month or so that will allow us to assess our position with regard to our candidates and issues so that we can build out an effective and winning strategy. Democrat registrations still outnumber Republicans in the state so we must not only turn out Republicans in large numbers but also win Independents and swing Democrats. We need a record turnout in Washington County and across the state.

We have already engaged with several of our energy partners (E & P companies) to discuss how we will again work to unlock the thousands of voters in the energy supply chain. Our relationships will again be critical in November. Along with this, we will also work with each of the campaigns on turnout strategy and messaging.

There is much to be done this summer and fall to prepare for this very important mid-term election where control of the House and Senate are at stake. It will be a busy and exciting year for all of us and a great time to be a Republican.

If you have questions or thoughts call us at 724-223-1001.

WCRP Chairman Dave Ball  

Chairman’s Message

14 April 2022

Building a Stronger Republican Future

Welcome to the Washington County Republican Party!

Your Republican Party is stronger and more committed to America First

values than ever before in our history. We believe in strict adherence to the Constitution, strong support for our police and oppose restrictions by government on our freedoms.

After 80 years of Democrat control Washington County, voters have chosen Republicans and Republican values to lead the county. Just five years ago Republicans were at a 13,000 voter registration disadvantage. Today Republicans maintain a 7,100 voter registration advantage. The numbers tell the story, as they always do. Performance and effectiveness are measured by delivered results.

The Washington County Republican Party is proud of the significant results over the past five years and measures performance in two areas; growing the party and winning elections. Let’s review the numbers:

  • We now have 65,910 registered Republicans in the county
  • Republicans now hold all nine Row Offices, the
  • Commissioner’s Office, all six State Representative Districts, the State Senator District and the Congressional District in the County. Collectively the first time in the county’s history
  • Republicans have delivered vote total wins in three special elections during this period
  • Republicans delivered a crushing victory in a special issue          (Home Rule Charter) election in 2021
  • In the Fall 2022 General Election Democrats are opposing only one office. This is a first in the history of the county.
  • Hundreds of volunteers have been added to the Republican team, each contributing to its growth and winning elections.

Engaging with voters at the many events and meetings around the county helps build the Republican brand and allows our team to message directly to voters. What have Republicans done over the past five years to place the Party in this position?

We have taken our message to the voters with 62 events and rallies around the county including nine Trump America First rallies.

Our event teams are regulars at gun and sportsman shows

along with our large booth at the Washington County Fair.

This past February we held a series of five “Around the

County” Town Hall meetings in the lesser visited parts of

the county.

Registering voters and recruiting new Republican team

members is our focus at each event.

The Washington County Republican Party has been at the

forefront of helping improve our county election process.

We have led the effort to clean up (remove inactive voters)

the voter rolls and improve the election process. We joined

in a lawsuit over the unconstitutionality of mail-in voting.

We have been, and continue to be, leaders in the PAGOP

against ACT 77, the revised voting law that, among other

things, provided for mail-in voting.

Republican team members volunteer their time and are

committed to the WCRP goals. Our message is simple and has

resonated with voters in the county.

Having a strong team and remaining focused on our goals has

produced great results. The goals are simple - Growing the party

and winning elections.

Follow us on our social media platforms but more importantly join

our team and get involved. Call us at 724-223-1001 or email us


Dave Ball


Washington County Republican Party

Special message from Chairman Dave Ball!

Censuring Pat Toomey!

 Fellow Washington County Republicans,

It is only after serious deliberation that we have taken the action we have to affirm a Resolution of Censure of Senator Patrick J. Toomey.

Censure is a formal expression of strong disapproval or harsh criticism which we believe is appropriate in this instance. This action has been taken in response to overwhelming reaction on the part of the 72,000 Republicans here in Washington County who voted for President Trump regarding the votes of Senator Toomey to first join Democrats in declaring the second impeachment sham constitutional and his second vote, again joining Democrats, to vote to continue the trial in the Senate. At issue is not one’s right to express one’s opinion but rather casting a meaningless vote intended entirely for malicious and self- serving purposes, a vote that brings dishonor to the party and does not reflect the will of the Republicans of Pennsylvania, 3.4 million of which voted for President Trump.

Such a Resolution was very nearly produced by the PAGOP last weekend, and would have been had it not been for Senator Toomey’s assurance that he would neither vote to continue the trial nor vote for impeachment.

Quite obviously he has already reneged on the first part of his assurance. This is absolutely unacceptable.

We have acted decisively to send a very strong message to Senator Toomey that he works for us and what he is doing is not in the interest of his constituents or our Party. Stand solid and united as Republicans and Patriots.

Dave Ball

County Chair – Washington County

Motion to Censure Letter






WHEREAS President Trump has been harassed and attacked for

four years by Democrats and the media; and

WHEREAS President Trump has been unjustly accused of

multiple transgressions that have been proven baseless; and

WHEREAS President Trump was previously impeached on

groundless claims; and

WHEREAS President Trump is once again the victim of

Democratic attack, media hysteria and unsubstantiated claims;


WHEREAS Once again the Democrats have passed a baseless bill

of impeachment driven by political grandstanding and their desire

simply to inflict pain; and

WHEREAS Sen. Paul raised a point of order arguing that the

impeachment trial is unconstitutional now that President Trump is

out of office; and

WHEREAS Forty five Republican Senators sided with the

President and Sen. Paul’s point of order to dismiss the

impeachment trial; and

WHEREAS Senator Toomey voted against his party and his

President and voted to continue with the trial to impeach the

President; and

WHEREAS Senator Toomey again voted against his party and the

former President at the beginning of the impeachment trial as one

of six Republican Senators joining Democrats in declaring the

proceeding constitutional; and

WHEREAS Senator Toomey has made clear his personal

disregard for both former President Trump and the Republican


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Washington

County Republican Party does pronounce a Resolution of

Censure on Senator Toomey who has acted contrary to the good

order and interest of the Republican Party.

Date: 12 February 2021

Dave Ball

Chairman – Washington County Republican Party

Dave Ball


Mark Hrutkay




2nd Vice-Chairwoman

Angela Carrier


April Betzner



About Us

The Washington County Republican Party was formed as far back as the Whiskey Rebellion. Then, as now, Republicans gathered on key issues that were affecting their lives. Citizens became interested in the causes and started to become part of the political process to better the community.

Today WCRP has grown into 176 precincts with 14 school districts and 57 municipalities. We have been successful in bringing in new committee people to our precincts, who see the local, state and national problems. They have been the backbone of helping our conservative candidates win seats in elections. As we grow and become stronger, we bring unity to the Republican Party. We are proud of our Washington County Republican Party and what they have accomplished. We also are proud and support the active W&J College Republicans and the California University Republicans.

When Washington County residents vote, they communicate their opinions and their desires are heard by our candidates, as well as, our elected officials.

If you are interested in volunteering, or joining our group, please contact us below.

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