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    Electra Janis for County Commissioner

Growing up in a tight-knit Greek-American family, where hard work and candor were mixed with compassion and loyalty, Electra Janis is a young woman in a hurry. She graduated from high school a year early, finished college at Chatham in 3-1/2 years, and picked up her Master’s in psychology in two. She hasn’t looked back since the days she helped her family’s restaurant business, helping to keep the books straight, the food on order, and keeping personnel services fully operational. She has spent the past four years as district manager for her local state representative, handling day-to-day crises for constituents in search of a guide through the maze of government.


“With a small business background, along with a degree in counseling and experience in working in government, I think I have the combination of skills needed to give Washington County the kind of effective, hard-working and thrifty government we need,” she said. A resident of Peters, Electra chose Washington County for its family atmosphere, great schools and neighbors who connect on a human scale when it comes to helping out. Her combined life experience and youthful drive have helped to shape her agenda for Washington County.


“Washington County needs to focus on economic and workforce development, " she says. At the same time, her counseling education has helped inform a strong stand about advocating for effective mental health and drug treatments. She has pledged total transparency and openness when it comes to the county’s financial books and says she’ll work to rein in spending. Along with volunteering at the celebrated food festival at her home parish, All Saints Greek Orthodox Church in Canonsburg, Electra has a long list of community and academic volunteer positions.​         



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