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We are days away from taking back the US House and Senate. This will happen as long as voters show up in record numbers and vote for Republican candidates. The airways are now filled with a variety of political ads that will drive all of us crazy. There are polls that are all over the board. Ignore them as they have been wrong many times on critical elections. It is very easy to lose focus and forget what has placed us in a strong position in Washington County. The growth of the party (voter registrations) and our voters turning out at the polls on election day (winning elections). The results tell the story as they always do.

This election cycle we have a variety of new groups working to influence voters to choose Republican candidates on November 8. That is a great thing and should increase voter turnout. By now you should have received numerous emails or phone calls from these groups trying to organize poll greeters and door knocking events around the county. Take advantage of these opportunities as it is all focused on WINNING. A lot of us doing a little makes the difference.

We have had numerous events where campaign materials and signs were distributed along with various types of hands-on and virtual training. Our GOTV plan begins now with our business and industry partners as well as our spots on local radio supporting our candidates. Our energy partners are all in and will show up on November 8. Door knocking is happening everyday around the county along with phone banking as well as events of all types. If you missed out on any of these opportunities call us at 724-223-1001.

While many of you/us have been focused on the US Senate and Governor's race we will be voting on a number of other Republican candidates who serve our county. Attached is the voter guide or slate card which lists all of our Washington County candidates on your ballot. The State Representative for your district is listed along with all the State Representatives who serve Washington County. You should use this tool along with the other attachments to influence voters in your networks. Many of these have been sent out and/or passed out during the last six weeks

Primary Election Results

May 17 Primary

The primary presents challenges this year as many voters are unfamiliar with the candidates and are looking for guidance. This primary has more candidates on the ballot than any primary in our history. An effort to help The March 16 Candidate Forum was a step taken to help with this challenge. The Forum was attended by 411 voters and candidate staffers and was followed on the WCRP live stream by more than 5500 people.

As the primary approaches we want to take another step in helping voters through the maze of candidates. Below are the links for each candidates websites for you to use as a one stop shop. 

US Senate

Dave McCormick

Kathy Barnette

Carla Sands

George Bochetto

Jeff Bartos

Mehmet Oz MD

PA Governor

Doug Mastriano

Dave White

Bill McSwain

Nche Zama MD

Charlie Gerow

Lou Barletta

Melissa Hart

Jake Corman

Lt Governor

Russ Diamond

Jeff Coleman

Ted Daniels

Rick Saccone

Carrie DeloRosa

Chris Frye

Clarice Schillinger

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