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Contact Matt Uram if you are interested in any open county positions or need information724-986-7364 

General Election 

Results 2021

Primary Election

Results 2021

State Races

County Races


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State Judges



While we all know what our eyes have seen over the last year, it is now time to take action. There is only one way to fix it! We need good patriots to get civically involved and run for local level elections. Generally, it only takes a petition with just ten (10) signatures to get on the ballot! If you are not interested in running for office, there are other ways you can work to support these candidates and make a difference.

To learn more on how to get on the ballot, click here! (link to how to get on ballot)

ELECTED MUNICIPAL OFFICES – Get involved and make a difference in your community!

This year, there are local municipal elections for various positions in your community. If you live in a Township, there are elections for supervisor or commissioner seats. If you live in a Borough or City, there are elections for Mayor and Council seats. There are other positions available such as Constable, Auditor and Tax Collectors. There are also School Board races.

Have you ever thought of running for one of these positions? We can help! We are here to support your efforts!

To learn more about these positions, call Matt at the number above.

HELP ENSURE HONEST ELECTION RESULTS – Consider running for Judge of Elections or an Elections Inspector!

Like many other American Patriots, there is great skepticism over the legitimacy of the vote. You can make a difference! This year, every Judge of Elections and Inspector position for every polling location is up for election. The Judge of Elections and the Inspectors are perhaps the most important jobs to ensure the integrity of our elections, yet they are often the least sought after positions. Consider running for one of these positions in your voting district!

To learn more about these positions, call Matt at the number above.

HELP OUR PARTY GROW! – Become a Republican Committee member!

Do you want to get involved to help conservative candidates get elected throughout the county, state and our country? It all starts here by participating in the Washington County Republican Committee! Every four years, each voting district/precinct elects a Committeeman and a Committeewoman to a position in the party. This is another great opportunity to get involved and make a difference!

To learn more about becoming active in our party, call Matt at the number above.

How to get on the ballot

Getting on the ballot at the local level is reasonably easy. In order to file, you must have a petition completed to be on the ballot. Local races only require 10 signatures! These signatures need to be from people who reside in the district, precinct or municipality for the office that you are running for and generally registered in the same party as you.

Time is of the essence! Petitions for candidates must be circulated within the time period prescribed by law. Petitions can begin being circulated on February 16, 2021. The last day to file you petition with the county election office is March 9, 2021

We will be glad to get you a petition with instructions and assist you with information you need to get placed on the primary ballot.

If you are interested in running for an office, call Matt at the number above.

Municipal Elections

In a representative government, local level elected municipal officials are the foundation of the elected government. They can have the greatest impact on the people living in their communities, whether it is establishing the policy perspectives of the residents they represent or being able to directly communicate their constituent’s concerns to upper level elected officials, they can get things done!

There are various positions at the local level and it is dependent on the type of local government that determines those positions. The links below are educational publications to allow you to understand the various positions that may be available in your community:

Click Each Title to Connect to a Link to Obtain a Copy

Elective Office in Local Government (explains the elective offices in the various forms of local government).

Township Supervisor’s Handbook

Township Commissioners Handbook

Borough Council Handbook

Borough Mayor’s Handbook

Tax Collector’s Handbook

Auditor’s Guide

Election Positions

Every four years, the Judge of Elections and the Majority and Minority Inspectors are elected for each voting district/precinct. These three positions make up the local election board in each precinct.

The Judge of elections is the person in charge at the polling place for overseeing the conduct of the election and for making a determination when a question arises. The Inspectors assist the Judge in the conduct of the Election.

Conduct of the Election includes verifying and signing in voters, recording names of voters, presenting ballots to voters, and handling questions and special situations as they arise.

As you can see, these are extremely important positions in our election system!

Want more information on what you have to do to run for one of these positions? Click here to contact us (link to Contact Form)

Party Positions

The Washington County Republican Party is comprised of people just like you, concerned people who want to make a difference! Members of the committee work towards getting Republicans elected to offices. There are many roles and events that these members can actively participate in.

While there are only one Committeeman and Committeewoman elected in each voting district/precinct, there are many other opportunities to be involved in our efforts.

Interested in becoming an active member in our party? Call Matt at the number above.

Contact Matt Uram if you are interested in running for an elective office or need additional information. 724-986-7364

Retention of Thomas Saylor – PA Supreme Court

School Boards

contact us with you district openings

Commonwealth Court seats  

3 for retention

1 open seat

Township Supervisors

Cecil Township - 2 seats up 2021

Superior Court Seats 

2 for retention

District Magistrates

County Recorder of Deeds

County Sheriff

Sheriff is up for election 2021

County Controller

Judge – Court of Common Pleas

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